It is time to repair your old wooden windows?

Most DIY home renovators actually have the skills to repair their old wooden windows, installation of our high quality draught seals, new hardware and a fresh coat of paint.

Our two part flexible epoxy has been specifically formulated for the repair of old wooden windows and it’s suitable for external use on windows, but it's also a great product for other timber repairs and joinery work.

Your old timber windows can be repaired

Most of the classic, character homes in Australia have different styles of old timber windows.  Double hung sash windows are particularly common and without a doubt, yours might be rattly to operate, or worse, they might be painted shut.  

Crucially, they’re probably also leaking cold air into your property, letting your heating and cooling escape and making it uncomfortable.  With draughts and dust entering your home, your expensive air conditioning bills are escaping too.  

This can translate into hundreds of dollars of energy costs each year, crippling the energy efficiency of your home.

Most handy DIY home renovators can actually repair their old windows themselves, making the windows look great again.  

Importantly also, it’s pretty easy to install our draught seals.  Our draught seals will dramatically reduce noise, air and dust entry into your home, and also help you restore the smooth operation of your old timber windows.

Fixing rotten wood & repair your timber windows, before anything else

Like any renovation project, it’s important to fix the cause of a problem rather than just painting over it.  Sadly, many of us uncover dodgy repairs from the previous owner or poor workmanship from a qualified tradesperson.

For wooden windows, this can mean removing loose paint and prodding any rotten patches to explore the extent of wood root or weather damage.  Once you’ve determined the extent of any wooden rot, it comes time to cut out and remove the damaged section, replacing it with seasoned timber of the same species wherever possible.

As you are making each repair it is important to try and match as much of the original joinery as possible.   The old fashioned joints have outlasted many modern fixings and fastenings, so replicating them again will ensure longevity of your windows into the future.

Sometimes when fixing these joints a flexible epoxy adhesive and filler is necessary for bonding of joints and the creation of smooth finishes.

Our two part epoxy has been specifically formulated for the repair of old wooden windows and it’s suitable for external windows.

One word of warning: When you work on old wooden windows make sure you consider the likelihood that lead paint is present. It is very important that work health and safety precautions are followed to stop the ingestion and transfer of old paint dust and chips.

More about our two part epoxy rapid curing wood filler

Sellaseal DT Woodfiller is supplied in a twin side by side cartridge enabling the contents extruded in equal amounts using our customised double epoxy gun to accurately dispense the filler. On curing, it can be machined, drilled, nailed, screwed and can be coated with primer/undercoat and pain

This rapid curing, thixotropic repair filler is ideal where a speedy repair is required to damaged or rot affected timber. It is particularly suitable as an adhesive and is ideal for splicing applications. 

Sometimes it's not possible to cut all the rot out and this is where our special epoxy hardener system should be used prior to using the DT Epoxy. The hardener will kill fungal spores and harden any soft timber. This will protect your investment in making the repairs last a long time.

It is also easy to model, has excellent cut off properties and maintains its general shape even during curing.

Sellaseal DT Epoxy is a modified, flexible, two-part epoxy resin based wood filler designed to give superior performance and longevity. 

If you’re looking for a flexible epoxy sealant to assist with your home renovation of old wooden windows, our DT Epoxy is the way to go.