Keeping the noise and weather out

Need help with draught seal installation?

Whilst we are a hardware supplier only, our repair arm Sealasash can help with the installation of draught seals for old wooden windows.

In fact, Sealasash can completely restore your wooden windows including the installation of double glazing that makes them better than new.

For more help with installation, please visit the Sealasash website.

Same timber windows, brand new performance

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Sealasash is our timber window repair arm.

Established in 2011 and with over 20,000 windows upgraded to date, Sealasash has become Australia’s leading installer of draught seals and double glazing old wooden windows.

They have over 150+ verified reviews providing you with added confidence that they're the right team to look after your heritage windows.


Draught and acoustic seals for your timber windows

Sadly, most timber windows are neglected over time.

Most commonly, painted shut to stop those annoying rattles, outside noises and draughts. 

They can also be terribly inefficient because of large air gaps in the framework and because of the thin, old glass.

Our draught seals are a discrete, long-life product that stop draughts and significantly reduce noise and dust.  As part of the installation process, our repair arm Sealasash can also repair your timber window frames, so that they open and close perfectly smoothly.

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We can double glaze your timber windows

Most timber windows were originally made with very thin, fragile glass.

This is not only a massive source of energy loss, but also a security and safety risk if the glass is broken.

Our repair arm Sealasash can reglaze your timber windows, adding the latest high-performance glass that will provide an amazing new level of comfort, noise reduction and energy efficiency for your property.

The installation process includes our high-quality draught seals which stop the outside air and noise leaking through the window frames

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  • Energy Efficiency

    Increase the energy efficiency of your windows by up to 50%

  • Reduced Energy Bills

    Save on the rising cost of your energy bills

  • Modern Comfort

    Bring the comfort of your home into the 21st century

  • Perfectly Smooth

    Effortlessly open & close, with no annoying rattles

  • Reduce Infiltration

    Keep noise, dust and the weather outside​.

  • Improve Property Value

    Enhance property value with upgraded features