Sellaseal caters for the DIY and handy person market

With over 35 years experience sourcing and using quality products you can rest easy knowing that when you purchase from Sellaseal it will work, it will be quality and it will last the test of time.

Over this time we have developed a range of effective draught sealing kits and superior repair products for wooden windows & doors, as well classic, quality hardware for heritage windows and doors.

It is our mission is to ensure that customers have access to affordable solutions for improved comfort in their homes.

Why choose Sellaseal?

With our solutions, you'll be able to stop rattles, draughts, dust, reduce outside traffic noise and saving on heating/cooling costs. Our draught sealing kits are a convenient way to buy everything you typically require to achieve better comfort.

We have assembled a range of kits for different types of wooden windows and doors and they all come with how to instructions. Best of all, our standard kit can be easily installed by a home owner.

Our premium kits offer more discrete solutions and do require a higher level of experience from the DIY weekend warrior!

Need help repairing your old wooden timber windows and doors?

When working with wooden windows and doors it’s inevitable that you will come across repairs such as loose joints, minor rot or weathered surfaces. We have solutions for you and they do not involve “builders bog” and cheap fillers - you can learn more from our blog.

Our special epoxy hardener system treats rot and flexible, sandable DT epoxy filler/glue provides long lasting wood repairs. If you have putty repairs to glass our quick dry Sash Glaze product is the solution.

For any questions or additional support, please contact us via the email form provided.

TIP: Old wooden windows/doors are likely to have lead paint and you should take precautions to contain paint chips and not expose you or others. The following six step guide will assist you in doing any work.