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Draught seal brush with twin/single fin

Draught seal brush with twin/single fin

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This high quality seal is especially designed for use in double-hung sash windows, and in the edges of doors, awning and casement windows. The brush pile is silicone coated polypropylene with a twin central fin. The twin fins reduce noise and draught and are higher than the brush to ensure a seal is created. Designed for super effectiveness and durability.  Please note the 5.5mm Brush contains a single fin. 

The 4.8 mm foot of the brush is inserted into a track.

Available in White and Brown from 5.5mm,8.5mm and 11.5mm pile height.

Brushes can be washed with warm soapy water. Avoid contact with chemicals, solvents and heat guns.

Product Specifications can be found here.

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