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V-Seal with adhesive back - 5 m rolls

V-Seal with adhesive back - 5 m rolls

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Affordable, simple, effective and very easy to install v-seal for the DIY. Ideal for wooden doors and window repairs, renovations & refurbishment.

This quality adhesive V seal is superior to the hardware store type of stick on seals. It can be installed directly to clean door jambs and window frames/sashes. The seal can be joined end to end. It has a very good memory to seal gaps.

Position the V towards the outside.

All surfaces have to be as smooth and clean as possible. Moisture, dust and grease must be cleaned off the surface before use. Use of a clean rag and grease/oil removing solvent is recommended before application to surfaces. Once in position press down hard and apply rubbing pressure along the seal with the palm of your hand and fingers.

12mm width and 1mm thick once compressed.

Please note: 1 side is adhesive

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