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Sash Glaze Glazing Compound 290ml

Sash Glaze Glazing Compound 290ml

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This hybrid polymer glazing compound can be used instead of traditional linseed oil putty or alternatively used as a repair system over existing cracked but stable putty. 

Sometimes old putty is cracked and allows water to leak inwards and cause rot to windows and frames. This product can be used to skim a prepared surface and offer years of service for the existing putty.

If glass is being replaced this product is ideal because unlike traditional putty, which takes weeks to cure to the point where you can paint it, our glazing compound is ready to paint within a couple of hours. 

It also acts as a powerful adhesive, adding strength to the window sash. 

Comes with a special glazing nozzle and it is best delivered by use of a mechanical caulking gun.

A MSDS can be found here.

Heads up: when it's cold soak a tube in hot water for 10 minutes to change the consistency of the compound to flow better.

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