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Draught Sealing Kit Double Hung Window

Draught Sealing Kit Double Hung Window

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A discrete solution for double hung wooden windows on cords that are painted on the inside.

This premium kit is perfect for the more advanced DIY person who is keen and confident enough to pull windows apart.

The kit is very discrete as the seals become built into your functioning window.  

It will rid those nuisance rattles and dust and make the home more comfortable by eliminating draughts and reducing outside noise. You will fall in love with your windows and still have your old wooden windows.

The kit will work for double sashes on cords and caters for windows up to 2 m height and 1 m width. It comes with step by step instructions. The following is included:

  • white primed wooden staff bead 3 x 2m lengths
  • white primed wooden parting bead 2x 2m & 1x1m length
  • twin fin brush seals (WHITE) for the beads and meeting rail 11m's
  • track for the meeting rail x 1 m
  • 1 x 10 m hank of high quality 6 mm sash cord (cotton exterior with poly core)
  • instructions 

Note that this is only for  PAINTED wooden windows.

Detailed instructions are included with this product. 

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