Improve energy efficiency of your home

Improve energy efficiency of your home

ABC report on improving energy efficiency in your home

In a recent piece by ABC reporter Jess Davis, an independent energy efficiency expert in Victoria confirmed that "sealing up gaps around windows, is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to keep the heat inside your home."

In the report, Jess talks about Australian homes and the main reasons why our homes are some of the "coldest on the planet" even when compared to freezing places like Berlin, New York and Stockholm.

This is a common complaint for locals, but surprisingly also, foreigners who visit Australia from cold places.

In most colder climates, foreigners are accustomed to much higher building standards that have resulted in much warm homes built specifically for these freezing winter climates.

A story we know very well

It goes without saying, that we know a lot about draughty, cold windows and the ABC story throws back to the first meeting of Sellaseal founders John and Colm in 2011.

You see, Colm originated from the colder climates of Ireland and he proposed this very same question to John.

"Why do Australian's put up with draughty old windows...?"

This is the actual story behind the creation of Sellaseal!

You see Colm was accustomed to much higher building standards and particularly, better techniques for sealing timber windows from the outside elements. Just like those in Berlin, New York and Stockholm, "no one in Ireland would put up with the wind howling through their windows…!” Colm said to John as they kick started Sellaseal.

Our draught seals and double glazed windows are some of the best ways to keep the heat inside your home

Fast forward to today and Sellaseal has become the leading supplier of draught seals for wooden and timber windows in Australia, servicing both trade carpenters and handy DIY people who want to install their own weather seals at home.

We also have an installation service called Sealasash

Over the years, Sealasash has upgraded over 20,000 windows with draught seals and new glazing.

Sealasash can repair and upgrade your timber windows, installing new draught seals as part of the process making the windows operate smoothing with no annoying rattles or draughts.

In fact, Sealasash can now double glaze wooden and timber windows with glass that fits directly into the window "sash" without the need for bulky modifications. This not only improves your warmth and comfort, but protects the heritage look and felling of your home compared to other double glazed window solutions.

This new glass in itself has been a major development for window technology in recent years.

Thanks to Glavenir vacuum insulted glazing by Panasonic (a 6.1mm thick sheet of double glazing) we can now install double glazed windows directly into wooden window frames. Glavenir is simply amazing, as it out performs normal triple glazing thanks to the vacuum sealed void between the two layers of glass.

We stand by the claim you won't find a better double glazing solution on the market - especially when it comes to retrofitting double glazing into old wooden or timber windows, just like the example in the recent ABC video.

Want to retrofit or upgrade your timber windows?

If you've been asking the question "why is my house so cold" perhaps it's time to consider taking small steps to improve the warmth and energy efficiency of your home.

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We can also help with double glazing in Melbourne, double glazing in Hobart and double glazing in Launceston.

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