Beware of "Patch & Paint'

Beware of "Patch & Paint'

It seems that a standard way to repair older wooden windows is to patch over the imperfections with some builders’ bog (pink body filler) and slap on several layers of paint. It’s amazing that this practice is allowed to continue – but it does.Bodged repairs with builders bog

Above is an example of a bogged repair using builders bog in the joints that will fail.

This practise is commonly referred to as a “patch and paint” job. It’s affordable at the time but it delays the true costs, it wastes resources, increases landfill, and unnecessarily trashes heritage windows.

The problem with this approach is that builders bog cracks and separates from the wood and paint, because it moves at a different rate to the wood in the heat and cold, and when it rains water infiltrates the repair. This just starts off the cycle of rot again.

SashjointrottedAbove is a sash joint & rail rebuilt with bog. It just absorbed water and fell to pieces.

Newly finished "patch and paint" work can present as clean, smooth and without issue, but there is bound to be trouble below the surface. It's always best to ask the contractor how they intend to make repairs and what material they will use. If they mention the word "bog" or "builders filler" exercise a healthy degree of caution. You may well be returning back to the window repairs sooner than you think. 

To get more information read this article How to fix woodrot in an old timber window where we outline information about bad repairs and what can happen. 

TIP: Old wooden windows/doors are likely to have lead paint and you should take precautions to contain paint chips and not expose you or others. The following six step guide will assist you in doing any work.

So next time you need work on your windows keep in mind that some practices, while economically attractive, turn out to be a false economy. “Patch and paint” repairs are a cheap way out for wooden windows. Patch and paint hides the real issue(s), it delays the inevitability of  proper repairs being required and may unfortunately result in the total removal and waste of beautiful old windows and loss of irreplaceable rare wood.

So what is an alternative to using "builders bog"? We have two wonderful products that can assist you to make effective long term repairs our DT epoxy and Epoxy Hardner.



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